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March 09, 2015 6:00 am

I worked at a movie theater from late 2003 to mid-2005. Because of this, I saw every single movie that came out in 2004, and every single movie that came out in 2004 holds a seriously important place in my heart. Coincidentally, or maybe not so much, 2004 was a great year for movies. Win a Date With Tad Hamilton! was one of those movies, and it happens to have Topher Grace in it, and it happens to be a Topher Grace fest on my column this month. So, without further ado:

EINTKILF Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!

1. The name “Rosalee” implies innocence.

I don’t really know all that much about Kate Bosworth’s like, career or anything, but to me, she is a sweet little angel because she will always be Rosalee. Also, in general, the name Rosalee makes you seem incredibly innocent and sweet — IN A GOOD WAY. (I like innocence, and OBVIOUSLY I like sweet.)

2. There are multiple kinds of love.

One of my favorite parts of Tad Hamilton, and one of the reasons the movie has stuck with me so much over the past ten (JEEZ) years, is because of this one conversation between Pete and Angelica. Angelica, the sassy awesome bartender who is in love with Pete (I mean, duh), teaches him that there are three kinds of love: love, big love, and great love.

I know this is a dumb romcom, but I truly wish everyone thought of love on that scale.

3. Don’t reject your great love.

And then the other trick thing about Angelica’s awesome advice is that she pretty much tells Rosalee that she effffed up, because when great love doesn’t work out, you basically have to settle for second best. Which is clearly very depressing because no one wants to end up with their second best. (MOVIES RUINED MY LOVE LIFE. That’s another lesson built in just for you guys.)

4. Dating contests could potentially be a great idea?

Though I am super Team Pete, Tad Hamilton is really hot and also a movie star. I would ABSOLUTELY enter a contest to date a movie star, and I certainly don’t have a Pete-like friend in my real life, so it would all work out and be perfect in the end. I’m not sure if people hold dating contests that aren’t The Bachelor, but I’d be down for one.

5. Guard your carnal treasure.

Why is this the line that is stuck in my head all the time when it comes to dating someone new? Because I didn’t have a father? Just kidding, kinda. I mean, I didn’t, but I’m not implying that Win a Date With Tad Hamilton! was my father figure. (This is getting weird.) The point is — protect yourself, ladies. Guard your carnal treasures.

6. Dating an actor can be tricky.

Now, I used to be a lot meaner about actors and I won’t get into why, but my last serious boyfriend was an actor. I like him, and he is not a liar, and even if we aren’t dating anymore, I am okay with actors. HOWEVER, like Pete tells Rosalee, “How do you know he’s not acting with you?”

Just be aware, ladies and gents. Actors lie for a living. It’s a good thing to remember. (Writers will write about you though, so I’m not saying I’m THAT much better.)


Another reason I love Tad Hamilton so much is because when Pete is making sure Tad treats Rosalee right, he tells him about all of her smiles and it is one of the most romantic things in any movie ever. COME AT ME, GUYS — I mean that! A really dear friend once told me that he “loved my different smiles” and he hadn’t even seen this movie! And it meant to much to me because I’m obsessed with movies that came out in 2004. Regardless, PETE LOVES HER SO.

Okay and I mean, spoiler alert, but Rosalee uses the smile thing back on Pete later and it’s cute, too. Not like AS cute as Pete’s, but cute.

8. Love someone for the details.

When Rosalee tells Tad that she is not going to move with him, she tells him that you can’t love the idea of someone, you have to love them for “their details.”

Ain’t that the gosh darn truth.

9. Topher Grace can KISS.

My roommate/best friend in college and I used to rewind this kiss. (And Shia LeBeouf’s in Disturbia. Don’t laugh, it’s really good.) I already was in love with Topher Grace from That 70’s Show, of course, but this kiss liiiiiike killed me. And still does.

10. Say what you want to say.

I mean, with a LOT of pressure from a bartender, Pete tells Rosie that he’s in love with her (after the kiss!) and, well, she chooses him in the end. But in general, I am a big fan of saying how you feel, even if heartbreak is a definite option. No one ever did themselves a favor by not sharing their feelings. Do it. Say it all. Shout it out. Etcetera, etcetera.

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