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Updated May 08, 2015 @ 9:12 am

Well I don’t know why I have only written about New Girl one time you guys, but sometimes, you’re writing an EINTKILF column and time just FLIES BY!! So, in honor of the recent New Girl season finale, I decided to write about my always and forever favorite character, Mr. Nick Miller. (Special shoutout to Jake Johnson, the number one love of my life.)

EINTKILF Nick Miller

1. Talking about your feelings is overrated.

Nick is well-known for his lack of emotions, commitment, and ability to talk about his feelings. Though we all wish that every man or woman we fell in love with could talk about stuff, it is important to note that not all of us can. TBH, I consider myself more of a Nick than a Jess, even though my name is literally Jess. I am here to defend the emotion-less. We’re here. We’re hard to deal with. Get used to it.

2. Writing a book is a really big project.

AS A WRITER, I can say from experience that it is very hard to write anything, especially a book. Have I ever written one? No. Have I written three separate halves of a book? YES. And you know what? If I never finish any of them, I think that’s ok. And if you have also written a bunch of different pieces of a bunch of different books — I support your dreams. So does Nick.

3. It takes awhile to get over your ex.

So one of the first episodes of New Girl is the adorable episode where Jess pretends to be Nick’s girlfriend at a wedding to protect him from Caroline, his ex-girlfriend. Well I don’t know about you guys, but I have been in similar situations. More than once. In fact, when I first watched that episode, I was very fresh off of a breakup with my ex-boyfriend and the whole thing was all too relatable. In fact, as I re-watch the episode now (literally, as I write this), I think I would act very similarly if the situation were to arise again, because, as we have already established, I am a Nick. Point being: Sometimes it takes years, and multiple flirtations, and lots of heartache, to get over your ex. And that’s ok.

4. Friends are important.

Not even counting Jess (though clearly she is mega important), Nick has great friendships with Schmidt and Winston and Coach. The guys have such a great dynamic and as much as they rag on each other, they really are there for one another too. What matters at the end of the day is how much these dudes love each other — which is a whole lot.

5. Not everyone is optimistic.

What I really, really love about Nick is that he doesn’t care to please anyone, and doesn’t change his pessimism to make other people more comfortable. Is Nick always happy? No. Is Nick positive? Never. Is Nick very honest with himself? YEP, and I love that. Not everyone has a chipper personality, and I need everyone to know that that is just fine.

6. Aging is underrated.

Because sometimes hanging out with your cat and catching up on your TV shows is actually all you want to do. And the older you get, the less you care what other people think.

7. Adulthood is different for everyone.

Nick also provides a really strong example of the fact that people advance at different times in their lives. Nick, is 30-something, he has no health insurance, still lives with his buddies, and is kind of in love with his roommate. A lot of people his age are married, with kids, and TONS of responsibilities. But you know what? Nick is no less of an adult than any of the rest of them. We all take life at our own pace. (Though I hope everyone has health insurance at a certain point because it is all very expensive.)

9. How to kiss.

I’m sorry that I have feelings and still think about the first time Nick kisses Jess . . . like all of the time. And sorry that I am still waiting for that kiss to happen in my real life. Actually, you know what? I’m not sorry at all.

10. All women named Jess are worth your time.

As I woman named Jess, I KNOW this to be so true.

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