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When you think about your period, the word “fun” doesn’t cross your mind. Inconvenient? Nerve-wracking? Sure. But fun?

Well, designers Daniela Gilsanz and Ryan Murphy want to change your mind on that. In fact, they want to change the initial perspective everyone normally has about periods. When we grow up, we almost fear “the curse,” even though it’s completely normal, healthy, and a natural biological process. So why does it still come off as a surprise to young women? And why aren’t many of us educated on the process at a young age, and prepared to know what to do when it hits?

Get to know The Period Game. It’s exactly what you think it is — a board game that centers around the biology of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Sure, it might not be quite as fun as Monopoly or Boggle, but it approaches the topic in a not-so-scary way.

Credit: The Period Game

The board game started out as a class project for Gilsanz and Murphy at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2014.

Credit: The Period Game

Seriously, the whole thing sounds odd at first, but it’s truly an incredible idea. Aimed at children aged nine to 11, it helps make words like “tampons” and “pads” way less taboo and embarrassing. And they shouldn’t be — after all, every woman uses them once they get their first period.

Another bonus? The game is definitely up-to-date, so it’s less awkward than those old health books from the ’70s.

So, why isn’t this game available everywhere? Well, the creators are hoping to find a few solid partners to help make it more widely available. So, uh — if any sharks from Shark Tank might be reading, you may want to give Gilsanz and Murphy a call. And quickly, because this game truly has the potential to change everything, and give children (both boys and girls!) a solid education about something that’s really, truly, not as big of a deal as it’s often made.