Rachel Paige
January 05, 2015 10:05 am

Even though Eddie Redmayne is a very serious actor taking very serious parts, while on The Graham Norton Show, he told a story about how he took one audition a little too seriously. He might have lost the part, but we’re all winners here because he reenacts it for all of us to see. What movie did he audition for (and not get) so spectacularly? Only The Hobbit, naturally.

Redmayne explains that he actually auditioned for Bilbo Baggins, and wanted to really WOW the casting director. So, he went in and basically auditioned as a super-caffeinated Gollum.

Fellow Graham Norton guest Anna Kendrick, who’s sitting next to Redmayne, just about loses her mind over the impression, just like us. Enough talk, just watch the video below, because it’ll totally make your Monday.