Dasha Fayvinova
March 26, 2017 1:33 pm

Performing live is a major accomplishment for any artist. There is a ton of pressure to deliver, and no room for error. Even the best performers will tell you that screw-ups are occasionally inevitable.  Unfortunately, Ed Sheeran forgot the words to his own song on live TV recently, and we totally feel nothing but sympathy.

Ed was performing his new song, “What Do I Know,” when he fumbled a few lyrics at the beginning.

While that is not the optimal outcome of a live performance, the mess-up was pretty minor.

And the important thing was how Sheeran handled it.

Totally keeping his cool, Ed just chuckled and moved on. That’s the mark of a true pro: not letting a small issue throw your game off.

Check out his collected response in the vid:

The performance was part of the Red Nose Day telethon on Friday. And guess what, Sheeran’s mishap couldn’t have mattered less, because the popular charitable program raised 73 million euros. That money will go towards helping solve problems involving immunization, mental health, education, domestic violence and fighting malaria.

And it’s hardly like Ed Sheeran is  the only megastar to forget his lyrics…

Almost every major artist has forgotten the lyrics to their song every once in a while. It’s just what happens when you are touring from place to place. Ed Sheeran was performing a new song, while a lot of other artists forget the words to their biggest hits.

Adel totally blanks on Rolling In The Deep lyrics

Somehow she made that look amazingly endearing!

Or what about Mariah Carey?

The songstress totally calls herself out about it, which made it so much better.

Regardless of the fact that Ed Sheeran forgot the words to his own song, and live performance is so tough many people have literal nightmares about it. Bravo on your poise and charity work, Mr. Sheeran, and PS…we love the song!