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Who says you can’t be a world-famous superstar and get yourself an education? Certainly not Ed Sheeran, who received an honorary doctorate yesterday from the University Campus Suffolk.

Sheeran grew up in Suffolk in a town called Framlingham, but had to quit school at age sixteen on concentrate on his music. However, Suffolk didn’t want him to go throughout life without his hard work being recognized, even though he had to leave. They awarded him this degree because of his “outstanding contribution to music,” and I think we can agree that he deserves it.

“I’ve had an amazing year… and this makes it even better,” said the 24-year-old in his acceptance speech. “Suffolk is very much where I call home. Receiving this recognition is a real privilege.”

He even took to Twitter to talk about how amazing this opportunity is.

Later adding:

Need more proof? Cue Instagram:

Congratulations, Dr. Sheeran! We knew you were a genius, and now academia knows it too.