Ed Sheeran Justin Bieber
Credit: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/WireImage

We’re not quite sure what to do with Ed Sheeran as it seems he can’t help but get himself into trouble. This time, it involves Sheeran, alcohol, Justin Bieber, and a golf club.

Today is the day that many people have been waiting for: Ed Sheeran has released his third album ÷! The singer has previously teased three songs from the collection, “Shape Of You,” “Castle On The Hill,” and the romantic “How Would You Feel (Paean).”

While he’s most certainly a busy bee, Sheeran has also been regaling us with what he’s been up to in his year away, most notably confirming the story about him getting cut by a British princess with a sword. He also opened up about his past dating mistakes, and EVEN SUNG WITH A SPICE GIRL.

Well, now Ed Sheeran has revealed another story and it involves hitting Justin Bieber in the face with a golf club.

We know that Ed and Justin are friends. The pair have worked together on Bieber’s hit “Love Yourself” and Ed wrote the Major Lazer banger “Cold Water,” which also features rising Danish popstar MØ.

However, while the pair might be familiar with one another, we never expected to hear this! Speaking to The Guardian, Ed Sheeran revealed that he got drunk and hit Justin Bieber.

“We were in Japan. We’d been out to a dive bar. He just drank water and I got hammered,” Sheeran recalled. “Then we went to a golf course, and he lay on the floor and put a golf ball in his mouth and told me to hit it out of his mouth. I was like, ‘Fuck, I need to aim this properly,’ and I swung.”

Oh dear…

Continuing, Ed went on to say that it was like something out of a movie.

Oh Ed! Thankfully, Justin Bieber was okay, and him and Ed are still friends. What’s more, given that Ed has just released his album and we have a *small* feeling it might be a MASSIVE success, we’re pretty sure that he’ll have less chances to get in trouble.

Ed Sheeran’s ÷ is available to stream and download now.