dustin stranger things
Credit: Netflix

As time goes by it seems like the stars of the Stranger Things – specifically, the kids – just get more lovable. Whether they’re making new besties outside the show or talking about important issues, we just can’t get enough!

These kids…


And for his birthday Noah Schnapp (Will), received some truly beautiful messages from his co-stars, including this hilariously perfect one from Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin)…

…aka the world’s most adorable curly-haired superstar.

Gaten’s message to his Stranger Things co-star and pal says,

DUSTIN, YOU JOKER, YOU! Nah, in all seriousness, Dustin continues with a very heartfelt message that will make your Stranger Things-loving eyes weep.

Altogether now: awwwww!

Noah’s other Stranger Things co-stars had some lovely messages too.

Like this adorable post by Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven).

This short and sweet note from Finn Wolfhard (Mike).

And this too cute throwback pick from Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas).

BRB, researching how we can adopt all of these kids, like, RIGHT NOW!!!

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