Credit: Netflix

If you’re a fan of Stranger Things – although, REALLY, who isn’t at this point?! – then you’re aware that not only is it a terribly amazing show, but the entire cast is insanely talented and just all-around awesome.

One of our favorite stars, of course, is Dustin who is played oh-so-well by Gaten Matarazzo. Gaten, as you may know, is also an advocate of cleidocranial dysplasia awareness and education – a condition which affects development of the teeth and bones.

Credit: Netflix

Gaten and his Stranger Things character Dustin share this condition, and it was even written into the show just for him! And IRL, Gaten actually loves showing off his fake teeth in the most adorable ways possible (you can read more about that here.)

Adding to his growing list of accomplishments, Gaten can now add “official t-shirt owner” too and, well, his t-shirt is ALMOST as cute as him.


Along with this cute photo, Gaten commented,

This kid just keeps making our hearts grow bigger and bigger every day! The shirt comes in two different colors (the blue as in Gaten’s pic) and a heather gray. There’s even a hoodie, sweatshirt, and an ’80s apropos baseball tee available, too!


To get your very own Gaten/Dustin T-shirt go to the link here.