Rachel Paige
July 30, 2015 2:27 pm

Ready to check in with another Harry Potter alum? This one didn’t attend Hogwarts though, because he’s a muggle. Dudley Dursley tormented Harry all throughout his childhood —and if you remember, Hagrid once gave him a pig’s tail. Because that’s what you get when you mess with The Boy Who Lived! Anyhoo, now almost five years since we last saw him, the actor behind Dudley, Harry Melling, is all grown up and looks COMPLETELY different.

And yes, we are totally obsessed with checking in with our fav Harry Potter actors all these years later. They were a huge part of our childhood — and let’s be honest, still a huge part of our adult life, too — so we love knowing what they’re up to now.

As for Melling, appearing in big, blockbuster movies aren’t his thing any more, and has instead leaned more towards theater. He’s appeared in a handful of shows on the London stage, and has started writing his own plays, too. He also doesn’t mind not being part of the “the three” — Harry, Ron, and Hermione — because as he told The Economist, “that allows [him] to get on the Tube.”

Just for a reminder, here’s what Melling looked during Harry Potter Filming. The hat’s the best part.

Ready to see Melling now?

Yup, our lil’ Dudley is all grown up! *Sheds tear*  Melling actually went through a weight-loss just before filming began for Deathly Hallows —he was almost recast since he didn’t look anything like Dudley anymore. He also told The Economist that every now and then his agent still gets calls for someone who looks like Dudley, and then it needs to be explained that, “Oh no, sorry, he’s changed.”

No polyjuice potion needed here. So glad to see this Harry Potter star is doing well and pursuing his dreams and living his best post-Harry Potter life.

(Images via Warner Bros and Twitter)