I don’t exactly know what else I could possibly say that the title of this piece does not already convey, but I will add in really quickly here that I don’t have a mate, so I will not be kissing anyone today.

BUT! Movies and television exist for a reason, so let’s just give it up for the best kisses-between-mates-ever.

Jim and Pam, The Office–their best kiss ever still. (BEFORE THEY WERE MATES.)

Josh and Donna, The West Wing–their first kiss ever! (Before they were mates.)

Noah and Allie, The Notebook–their reunion kiss. (BEFORE THEY WERE BACK TOGETHER.)

Jack and Rose, Titanic–“you’re so stupid, Rose” kiss. (DO WE CALL THEM MATES AT THIS POINT? CAUSE SHE STILL HAD A FIANCEE, NBD.)

Ron and Hermione, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part two, movie version)–“effin’ finally” kiss. (THEY WERE ALWAYS MATES, ALWAYS.)

Ross and Rachel, Friends–“I don’t need your stupid ship” kiss. (SHE NEEDED HIS STUPID SHIP, NOT MATES YET STILL.)

So, happy National Kiss Your Mate Day, but really what I’m getting at here is that sometimes you kiss someone who isn’t really your mate yet, and that’s okay.

Kiss someone, or at least watch a good kiss on YouTube.