Rachel Paige
Updated Feb 20, 2015 @ 9:12 am

Consider this your weekly Drive Me Crazy nostalgia alert. The late ’90s teen movie — which starred teen princess Melissa Joan Hart and had a killer accompanying song from teen pop princess Britney Spears (TEENS) — is still one of the best movies to come out of 1999. Glory be. This is of course coming from someone who has watched Drive Me Crazy waaaaaay too many times since 1999, but it’s a fabulous movie. Take my word for it (or go watch it STAT which is what I’d really recommend).

Needless to say, the idea of Britney and Melissa hanging out some 16 years later is all kinds of exciting. And praise the teen gods they did hang out. Britney is currently performing in Las Vegas, where she’s got her Britney: Pieces of Me show, and it looks like Melissa checked out the show earlier this week. According to Us Weekly, Mel and Brit Brit (can we call them that?) met up before the show, and then Melissa headed to a VIP table to take in the glorious Britney spectacle with a bunch of friends.

But the most important picture of the evening has to be the one Britney and Melissa snapped together. Together, I say. I don’t even care that these two look a little bit awkward, because this is the best flashback Friday. BRB, going to go find my Drive Me Crazy VHS.

Do you think they reminisced about filming the “(You Drive Me) Crazy” music video? Do you think they gossiped about Adrien Grenier who starred opposite our girl MJH in Drive Me Crazy? Are you still hung up on the fact that none of your high school dances ever matched the one in Drive Me Crazy, and that reality has left a feeling of bitterness that you just can’t shake? What other emotional ’90s-teen feelings does this picture leave you with?

Now really take a stroll down memory lane, and re-watch the “(You Drive Me) Crazy” music video, because I’m sure you’re right now trying to remember how great it was — and spoiler alert, it’s GREAT.

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