Gina Vaynshteyn
February 26, 2015 2:12 pm

Today in Exciting Book News, we learned that Drew Barrymore is writing a new memoir! Instead of taking off where she left us in her first book, Little Girl Lost, Drew is aiming to craft a lighter, brighter, funnier read. “I love stories that are humorous, emotional and welcoming, and that is my goal in writing this book,” Drew told People

Little Girl Lost wasn’t exactly light or bright —it was a serious read about growing up way, way too fast. Written when Drew was just turning 15, Little Girl Lost goes into the life of a child star who was tossed into the crazy Hollywood scene and constantly surrounded by alcoholics, drug-addicts, and dysfunctional peers. In the memoir, a young-adult Drew is able to look back retrospectively as a person who matured, and was able to overcome her addictions and psychological struggles that often come with being in the limelight at such a young age.

Back in 1990, when the book came out, Drew’s honesty about the dangerous world of ’80s child stardom and general teen rebellion was pretty ground-breaking. For a some readers, it’s a classic. XO Jane hailed it as “the best teenage coming-of-age addiction memoir in the history of time.” And pretty much everyone on GoodReads has some personal, childhood memory of devouring it in one sitting.

Now that Drew is all grown-up (her 40th birthday was this week!), we’re really excited to read what she has to say, and what she’s learned. As an empowered, smart, and funny woman in the entertainment industry, we hope she’ll share her experiences starting her own company (Flower Beauty Cosmetics), and producing and directing her own films (like Donnie Darko and Whip It). Maybe she’ll write about her close friendship with Adam Sandler, or being a mom to two super adorbs little kids.

If there’s anything we’ve learned from Drew’s last memoir —and her awesome accomplishments in the years that followed—it’s that she’s incredibly resilient, brave, and honest. And we love her for that.