Lilian Min
December 03, 2016 9:09 am
@therealdennisg /

Long before Aubrey Graham leveled up into the rapper/pop phenomenon Drake, his dad Dennis had a music career. But while his son built a new model for hip-hop stardom and courted Rihanna, Dennis Graham seemed to have left music behind — until now.

The elder Graham dropped a new R&B singleKinda Crazy” yesterday, and it’s clear that Drake isn’t the only dope musician in the family.

(If that official Apple Music embed isn’t working for you, peep this.)

Drake and his dad have made music before, and it’s easy to see how Dennis has learned from his son’s career. The Apple Music premiere is the strongest whiff of Drizzy’s suggestion, but the smooth jam vibe of the song is a far cry from D. Graham’s drummer days. Even the music video for the song (previewed back in August) has the perpetual winter look that permeated Drake’s Views album shotsand also his “Take Care” music video. (To be fair, a lot of things remind me of Drake.)

Celebs’ family members can get some attention boosts from that association along, but Dennis Graham has amassed a pretty substantial following and fandom on his own. Sure, his Instagram is a veritable prayer emoji to his son’s career, but that’s just a proud parent move. And now, he sets off on his own career reboot.