Drake dropped a new song with James Fauntleroy titled “Girls Love Beyoncé” and I say dropped because that’s what insiders say. A big part of the song is Drake covering “Say My Name” and guys… it’s just awesome. You know how overused the word awesome is? It applies here. This song is awesome. I feel better about my life when I hear it. Actually, I feel better about other peoples’ lives when I hear it. We should all feel better about everything when we hear Drake drawl, “Say my name say my name” just so suave, like he doesn’t even care and like, maybe he’s not even aware that he’s singing. Should we tell him? Should we tell him that he’s singing? Maybe he forgot? Should we tell him that his song takes me back to hanging out at Stephanie’s house in Sherman Oaks in her parents’ living room with their Patrick Bateman-esque white leather couches? “This ain’t no time for games,” Drake sings. Dude. I know. It really isn’t. I completely agree. No game playing here. I wouldn’t play games with you, Drake.

Actually, the song is just okay.

Give it a listen:

Photo from BET. Gif from David Bowie Gifs.