High school dances can be pretty magical, especially when your cousin Drake decides to take you to the prom, as the best and only acceptable third wheel ever.

When he’s not busy being on the biggest artists on the planet or tattooing his friends, we know that Drake is most certainly a family man. That’s why we’re not too surprised that the rapper decided that, over the weekend, he would take his cousin, Jalaah, to her prom.

Jalaah, who lives in Memphis, was surprised when Champagne Papi himself showed up at her house to take her — and her date, of course — to prom.

Firstly, Jalaah and her date are looking pretty swish in their matching outfits, and luckily Drake toned down his appearance so as to not totally upstage the pair.

Of course, even if he were your cousin, you’d still be pretty excited if Drizzy rocked up to take you to prom, and Jalaah noted on Instagram that it was the “Best Day Everrrr.”

It seems that the “Hotline Bling” singer wasn’t just there to act as a chaperone for teen couple. Adorably, he stayed and hung out with Jalaah and her family, and even stuck around at the high school prom, too.

It looks like quite the family affair.

Indeed, Drake took the pair out for a bite to eat after their prom, and don’t they just look so adorable? (Props to Drizzy for knowing when to capture a cute moment between two lovebirds.)

It’s so great to see that Drake, while he might be one of the biggest and busiest men in music, still makes time for his family. We can imagine it can be pretty hard to keep track with all your relatives when you’re as busy as he is, and it’s heartwarming to see him totally make his cousin’s prom night even more special.