Drake J.Lo
Credit: Drake/

It seems that Canadian rapper Drake has made his romance with Jennifer Lopez official by sharing the cutest picture of the pair together on Instagram.

Rumors that the pair were involved began to circulate last week after Drake attended Lopez’s Las Vegas residency and then hung out with the singer after her show. What’s more, British tabloid The Sun allegedly to “confirmed” the news via multiple unnamed “sources.”

Well, now it seems that Drake has put all the rumors to bed by sharing the CUTEST Instagram picture of himself and Jennifer Lopez.

The picture, which doesn’t have a caption, sees the 30-year-old rapper hugging J.Lo on a sofa and she looks SO DARN COMFY (and she’s rocking some serious bling…but then this is J.Lo).

It seems that J.Lo also shared the same picture of her and Drake, and OMG don’t they just look SO HAPPY!?

Of course, people on Twitter immediately freaked out. false

People have also noted, however, that Drizzy’s alleged ex-partner Rihanna unfollowed J.Lo on Instagram over the holiday weekend. It was rumored that Drake and Rihanna had become an item earlier this year. However, the couple split in October.

According to “a source” speaking to The Sun, “[p]eople in Rihanna’s circle are saying she is very unhappy about the whole thing. Only a few months ago she and Drake were still together. Jen is one of her friends in the industry which made her all the more surprised.”

Given that this is just an unnamed source and that it hasn’t been confirmed, we’re going to take it all with a pinch (handful) of salt and assume that Rihanna accidentally hit the unfollow button, especially as her and J.Lo have previously supported each other in the past. false

Regardless, we’re happy for Drake and J.Lo and can’t wait to see more cute AF pictures in the future.