Rachel Paige
Updated Apr 30, 2015 @ 11:19 am

Do you like shows to binge? There’s no way this one will make you cringe. Netflix is going to make a Dr. Seuss show! So, you’ve seriously gotta go tell everyone you know. This one sounds amazing already. You see, it’s being produced by a very funny lady. So listen up because here’s the deets. Netflix’s Green Eggs and Ham sounds pretty sweet.

Rhyming aside, it’s all true. Netflix has already hooked the older demographic with binge-able shows, and now they’re trying once again to tap into shows geared towards kids — but we’ll totally watch this one, too. Taking Dr. Seuss’ beloved Green Eggs and Ham, Netflix is going to produce a 13-episode animated series based off of the classic children’s book. The story will follow inventor Guy and Sam-I-Am, and honestly the Netflix press release for it is way better than my rhyming scheme:

We’re on board. Know who else is on board? The series will be executive produced by Ellen DeGeneres, and she’s excited since it’ll combine two of her favorite things together, “Dr. Seuss and binge-watching.”

Don’t try adding this show to your queue yet — it won’t come out until 2018. The project will take three years to make, to “fully realize [the] vision” for the show, and Jared Stern — who’s also co-writing Lego Movie 2 — will write all 13-episodes and produce alongside with DeGeneres.

So, I guess we’ll have to wait. But you just know this show’s gonna be GREAT.

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