Kit Steinkellner
August 02, 2015 10:56 am

Downton Abbey fans are having a bittersweet moment right now. The sixth season of Downton Abbey is set to roll out January 3rd (yay yay yay!) but it’s also set to be the final season (loud and obnoxious sniffling sounds).

As The Hollywood Reporter tells us, executive producer Gareth Neame, who made an appearance this weekend at the Television Critics Association press tour, feels our pain.

“There is no question that we could have made a season 7 or 8 — I’m sure they would have been fantastic, but it’s about leaving a little bit earlier than you might. Maybe we’re leaving a little bit early, but I think it’s on a really high note.”

So once we jam through the six season, is that IT for our beloved upstairs-downstairs period drama?

Not so fast. There HAVE been rumors of a “Downton Abbey” movie following the conclusion of the series. And, during his time with the critics, Neame addressed those very rumors (and his answer gives us so much hope!!!)

“There is this speculation about whether we’d make a Downton movie, and we might. It’s something we’ve talked about,” Neames said, adding that although there’s no script or production plans at the moment, he thinks the film would be “a wonderful thing.”

So while we are wishing and hoping and praying for a movie, we’re still sad about this last season being, you know, IT for the series, we think Neames does a fantastic job re: explaining why he wants Downton Abbey to end on a high note.

“The best thing that I can hear is for you to say, ‘I don’t want to show to end,’ because I want you to watch season six and think it’s the best season yet, and then I want you to take a month off and then go right back to season one and watch the whole thing again — and I want you to love it for the rest of your life.”

Well, we still have ONE more season left, and that season starts January 3rd on PBS, and we absolutely cannot wait for it.


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