I’m going to be honest with you, friends: the final season of Downton Abbey hasn’t even aired yet in the states, and already I’m crying about it. Not like a sniffle here and there, but a full on downpour of tears, like learning Matthew has been killed all over again. But whether any of us want to admit it or not, it’s time to close up the estate, and leave Downton Abbey. All good things must come to an end eventually.

The sixth and final season of Downton Abbey has already aired in the U.K. — lucky. Also please, no spoilers!! The season won’t start here in the U.S. of A. until January, but ahead of that there’s no harm in taking a peek at the trailer for the final episode ever. This last episode is the extra-long Christmas episode, so we’ll get one last glimpse at a beautiful Christmas tree in the foyer before Carson deems it too much fluff and hullabaloo and it comes down.

From the trailer, it’s clear that we’ve jumped a few more years into the future at Downton, because little George Crawley is up and talking. As for everyone else, the action isn’t too revealing, so don’t worry about spoiling anything for yourself. Mary still appears to have like, a thousand suitors (or two), and it looks like Edith has at least one gentleman caller (GO EDITH, GO). Anna and Bates are still in love, Daisy’s still in the kitchen, and Barrow gets a kiss on the cheek — wait, what?

Carson puts it best, noting: “the world is a different place from the way it was, and Downton Abbey must change with it.” Ugh, pass me that entire box of tissues. The Christmas episode airs on the 25th at 8:45 on ITV, and as for everyone stateside, the sixth season kicks off on January 3rd on PBS (if you’re really looking ahead, the Christmas episodes airs March 6th, 2016).

(Image via YouTube)