Karen Fratti
September 03, 2017 1:27 pm
20th Century Fox

No matter where you land on the political spectrum, most Americans can agree about one thing when it comes to Trump: He’s pretty proud of himself and what he considers his accomplishments. In fact, he likes to be in the spotlight so much that Donald Trump apparently requires a cameo in all movies shot at his properties. That’s pretty out of control, right?

Matt Damon spilled that juicy little nugget of insider gossip during a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. When asked if he had ever met Trump, Damon said that he had not. Then he added:

We don’t know which anecdote we like better, the idea of Trump reportedly demanding a role in a movie if it’s filmed anywhere near a property he owns, or those stories about how he allegedly called up a reporter back in the day pretending to be his own publicist. If the country weren’t so divided and actual people weren’t in danger of losing health care or civil rights because of his presidency, character “quirks” like that might be amusing.

But given the situation, it’s just a little weird, right?

Well, just in case you’re thinking, “That canNOT  be true, that’s totally crazy and narcissistic, Matt Damon is just a Trump-hating celebrity spreading rumors,” we have corroboration. Chris O’Donnell, who was actually in Scent of a Woman, confirmed that they did in fact shoot a BS scene just to be able to shoot on a Trump property.

Make of the anecdote what you will. It sure is…interesting.