Briana Hansen
July 18, 2016 4:49 pm

While it’s true that you can’t judge a book by its cover, some animals really do wear their personality on their sleeves.

So it was only a really a matter of time before someone figured out that all dog breeds pretty much boil down to a distinct personality you’ll find at any average high school.

Enter the amazing account Dog In High School. The brilliant creator (who simply goes by “Bibson Tells“) has taken delightful dog pictures and put a whole backstory to each of them.

The detail in every one of these descriptions is on-point. Each one takes you not only back to sitting next to that specific someone in like Chemistry who reminds you exactly of this adorable dog.

Like most of what you encounter in high school, there are some, well, questionable posts. But high school is all about experimentation and pushing boundaries. So it feels only appropriate that some of these posts are a bit edgier than others.

One simple glance at this picture and you remember someone from your school who was exactly like this (or maybe it was you).


The best part about this entire account is taking it one step further and imagining all these dog personalities actually going to school together. Just picturing the school jock…

…taking a test from this distinct teacher personality…

…is enough to make you seriously LOL.

So I guess we’ll see you all after school at the local dog park so we can swap notes on the best places to hide your treats and just generally hang around and bark at each other.