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Updated Mar 05, 2015 @ 12:23 pm

This post was written by Lindsey Robertson on The Dodo.

1. “I don’t mess with vacuums, man. Nuh-uh. No way.”

2. “Is . . . is it gone yet?”

3. “We’re holding each other to get through this tough time.”

4. “La, la, laaaaa, the vacuum can’t see me . . . “

5. “Be gone, evil vacuum! There is nothing for you here!”

6. “Thank goodness I have this coffee and bread to protect me.”

7. “Shh! Go away or you’ll blow my cover!’

8. “Is it safe to come out now?”

9. “I’m not scared. I just, uh. . . I dropped something down here.”

10. “The vacuum will NEVER think to look for me under this rug.”

11. “I’m just going to pretend to be a bag until it goes away.”

12. “OK, vacuum, we’d like to make a truce, if you’d be open to negotiations.”

13. “The verdict is in: We hate the vacuum.”