March 29, 2014 9:04 am

Everyone in SoCal got a rolling start to the weekend. Two earthquakes, 3.6 followed by a longer 5.1, gently rocked and rolled us around 9pm. Once the ground stopped moving, it was back to business as usual. No biggie.  It was nothing like the rough 4.4 jolt last week.

The best example is the video below. The Dodgers were playing the Angels when the ground began to move. Watch as announcer Vin Scully calmly begins to narrates the situation to the viewers at home while the stadium sways. Since the Dodgers, Angels and Vin Scully are all legendary California institutions who have survived much larger quakes, no one even bats (sports pun FTW) a lash. The game continues on as both teams play through and the fans remain in their seats for both earthquakes.