Christina Wolfgram
November 15, 2015 11:18 am

Doctor Who has been on television since 1963, and is currently one of BBC Worldwide’s most popular shows. Last night, in an episode titled, “Sleep No More,” the sci-fi series made history when it featured a transgender woman for the first time. Trans omedian Bethany Black, who regularly performs stand-up around the UK, played soldier 474, a cisgender character.


A life-long Doctor Who fan herself, Bethany posted a touching announcement to her Facebook back in August when she won the role.

Bethany previously worked with Doctor Who showrunner, Russell T. Davies, on a British show called Banana, where she played a transgender woman.


The Independent asked Bethany how she felt about representing the trans community on TV. “It is an absolute privilege and honour to be representing trans people,” she said. “There’s a massive responsibility but you also know you can’t really represent anybody – you can’t even represent yourself.”

Doctor Who has a massive following in the United States. Here’s hoping that people around the world are inspired by this wonderfully inclusive and normalizing casting choice!


(Image via BBC/Facebook.)