Ashley Rey
November 27, 2016 1:53 pm

All thanks goes to Cinefix for helping us relieve our childhood dreams! The production group “gamified” the ever-so popular Doctor Strange, and it’s pretty much epic! We may have loved watching the sci-fi film in theaters, but just wait until you see what Doctor Strange looks like in 8 Bit Cinema!

Directed by Norwood Cheek and animated by Raz Mergian, the pair re-imagined key elements from the film into a 2-D game world, adding in a grand prize at the end.

Get prepared to witness greatness! We’ve linked the 8 Bit YouTube dreamland video for you to check out, below.

Delightfully nostalgic, right?!

We sure miss those days when playing Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda were our main priority. And its so cool that Cinefix was able to work their magic to combine nostalgia with one of our fave movies today!

We have to admit…There’s only so much that you could hope for when it comes to third generation gaming. Obviously the graphics are far better IRL, but it was sure fun to see what Doctor Strange would  look like when playing it on the Nintendo.

Now we’re thinking about what other epic films we’d like the Cinefix gang to “gamify!”