Rachel Paige
Updated Jul 12, 2017 @ 11:30 pm
Credit: HarshLight / https://www.flickr.com/photos/harshlight/6817708120/in/photolist-bosx6J-S1J9BM-b92Eke-bBnsSB-o52zCo-n7x7w4-n7x7gz-8TBeah-ebZNxd-dJZhGP-RXiebp-fZTzLN-qtZmdW-ezMvjt-qhHHkf-dTRNqd-ackBMt-9tVaRZ-eiUjaU-7UwUL2-rYBbXB-qhHHTu-qhH2JE-c7PTkC-b92CRR-8TBdMh-aFumi4-8GdnBa-qzgKH6-KbCz9q-dPRcYj-6CVKAo-dTqt1a-bATamM-ijHuXt-a9SE5a-ob6Y3v-9hvPcW-6ES63A-e1tDDs-4b7FSb-6vJdeb-e1tE6W-e3NTSx-6joYBP-2Whs93-dPRcvf-e1tDYW-5mLR6N-Vhf6CZ

When it comes to traveling to a galaxy far, far away in 2019, price is no object — but ehhh, there might be some reasonable limit we want to set. Even though it sounds like fun going broke visiting Disney’s new Star Wars Land, it’s probably best to save some 💰 for a repeat visit. Just an idea.

The two happiest places on Earth are chugging full speed ahead on their dueling Star Wars Lands — one at Disneyland, the other at Disney World — and while both parks will most certainly mirror the other, there will be some small differences. The main one is simply that Disney World has a little bit more space than Disneyland. This isn’t a huge thing, but if you’ve been to Disneyland you know that it can get rather cramped very fast, and that means you’re going to encounter long wait times in the hot California sun.

This likely won’t deter you from visiting the new Star Wars Land(s). But we’ve just learned that another measure might be put in place: You are (probably) definitely going to have to pay for a Fastpass to ride the rides inside.

Before you start freaking out, Disneyland is actually in the process of rolling out a new Fastpass system. It’s called Maxpass, and it’s designed to help you reserve Fastpasses ahead of time, so you don’t have to run from ride to ride during the day. Honestly, it sounds like a great system, but using Maxpass will come as an add-on to your already pricey Disneyland ticket; currently, using Maxpass will cost you $10 a day, per ticket.

How does Star Wars factor into this? While nothing has been announced — and probably won’t be for a very long time — the rumor around Disneyland is that when it comes time for Star Wars Land to open, the *only* way you’ll be able to snag a Fastpass is if you’re using Maxpass…and thus paying the up-charge price for the service.

Right now, even with Maxpass, anyone can still obtain a Fastpass. But according to MiceChat, that’s going to change when Star Wars opens. In order to semi-alleviate what’s expected to be a HUGE wait, utilizing Maxpass for guests does make sense…

…Even though it means if you want to ride, you have two options: Pay to use the service, or wait in upwards of a 5+ hour wait.

Still, Disney hasn’t announced that this is officially happening, but it sounds like this is the way they’re going. So start saving up a few additional dollars to visit.