Disney Villains Whitney Peter
Credit: Peter Hollens

As much as we love Disney heroines and heroes, we also love to watch what the villains are going to do next. Now, Disney villains get the a capella treatment in this mashup video, and being bad never *sounded* so good. From The Little Mermaid’s Ursula to The Hunchback of Notre Dame’s Claude Frollo, we get to see many different villains in the same place, so to speak.

Of course, these singing villains come to us from none other than YouTubers Peter Hollens and Whitney Avalon.

ICYMI, Hollens is renowned for his a capella videos on YouTube and has over 1.6 million (!) subscribers. Nbd, right?! And we’re *big* fans of Avalon’s, too, who also has a gazillion YouTube subscribers, aka over 1.1 million, and we are *addicted* to her Princess Rap Battles. Who can forget her Frozen vs. Tangled one?! Or when Maleficent battled Daenerys? Or one of our faves, Katniss vs. Hermione?

In this Disney villain a capella mashup, there may not be rapping, but there’s still the same level of creativity that keeps the songs playing in our heads long after we’ve stopped watching. And we love the Brady Bunch-esque style of the mashup and the way the villains walk in and out of each other’s frames. However, sometimes they switch things up and surprise us with new settings. But, you’ll have to see for yourself.

See — who said villains are all bad?! Now if you’ll excuse us while we go watch the mashup again…and again…and again…