Gina Vaynshteyn
Updated May 01, 2015 8:41 am

Chances are, you’ve probably heard of #HowOldRobot, because #HowOldRobot has been running amok on the Internet since (approximately) yesterday. Facebook friends are posting their #HowOldRobot ages (some with dismay, some with excitement), people are hilariously testing out #HowOldRobot on celebrities and television shows and movies, and some of us are just staying away from #HowOldRobot because, well, what good could really come from a robot predicting our ages based on a photo we took on Photobooth? It’s too soon to tell, really, which is why some genius over at Mashable handed the Disney princesses over to the app to see what would happen.

Since Microsoft’s app isn’t exactly the most accurate when it comes to guessing real human’s ages, it’s no wonder it had some troubles guessing cartoon women’s ages; especially cartoon Disney women who already have notoriously disproportionate facial features (eyes way too big for their face, tiny tiny button noses, the daintiest of chins, etc). So, how old are our fave princesses according to #HowOldRobot? Here’s what Mashable discovered:

This is Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast who’s supposed to be 17:

Oh and here’s Mulan, whose real age is 16:

The Little Mermaid‘s Princess Ariel, who is totally a 16-year-old:

Yikes. Rapunzel is actually 18:

Aaaaaand Snow White, really a 14-year-old:

And finally, Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. Who might have been asleep for awhile, but is still definitely 16:

All images via Mashable/Disney