Gina Vaynshteyn
Updated August 04, 2015 12:11 pm

It’s mid-summer, and we’ve been driving to work with our windows perma-rolled down, our shirts and pants sticking to our sweaty bodies. We’ve been visiting the grocery store on the daily to buy big bags of ice in lieu of expensive AC bills. And we’ve been wondering incessantly when oh when autumn will finally come, because guys it’s just so hot out here!

Luckily, summer has its perks. First of all, the weather (though it may be, uh, intense) is nice, and it means less rainy days inside and more time spent in the sunshine (always remember to slather on some sunscreen, though!). Second of all? ALL THE MUSIC FESTIVALS. Since summer and music go together like PB&J, and you know us and our love for recreating Disney princesses, we’ve decided to reimagine our fave royals as gals who would totally hit up their nearest fest. Because why wouldn’t they? They’re brave, adventurous, and I’ve never known a Disney princess to NOT like music.

So, behold: Here’s Ariel, Belle, Elsa, Jasmine, and Snow White having a total BLAST at some of the most iconic outdoor music fests. These are drawn by our extremely talented illustrator, Liana Kangas, and we’re just floored by her rad visions for these princesses.

Ariel from The Little Mermaid

While Ariel would feel most comfortable somewhere a little more watery, she would totally check out Coachella in Indio, California. The ever-curious princess would visit all the sets and ride all the rides! And of course she would accessorize accordingly: flower crown, crop top, jogger pants, check, check, and check.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Belle might not seem like an LA gal, but who knows? Living with a grouchy beast for awhile and Los Angeles traffic is kind of similar, no? FYF Fest, which is located in the heart of LA (located in the LA Sports Arena and Exposition Park) is a rad musical festival featuring more indie acts (but also Morrissey!). Belle would be all about discovering new music (and dressing up for LA’s sunshine with a totally fun, yellow dress).

Elsa from Frozen

Glastonbury Fest, located near Pilton, Somerset in England, is known for its rain and its amazing lineups. Elsa would be totally down for Glastonbury Fest, where she could maybe turn rain drops into ice and puddles into ice rinks. Plus —she’d wear a pair of swoony-worthy Hunter rain boots. And look fab (duh).

Jasmine from Aladdin

Something tells me Jasmine would LOVE Outside Lands, an awesome music fest located in San Francisco that’s both eco-friendly and very inclusive of all kinds of bands and musicians. Ditching her iconic baby blue pants and crop-top shirt thing, Princess J would embrace something a little more modern and bolder.

Snow White from Snow White

OK, OK, Warped Tour may not seem like Snow White’s kind of thing. But after taking a really long nap (thanks a lot, poisoned apple and Evil Queen), what would be more heart-racing than a traveling music fest featuring pop-punk and alt rock bands? Snow White would obvs dress for the occasion, sporting a crop top with attitude and a flannel shirt. And that ombre, of course.

(All images via Liana Kangas)