Trilby Beresford
July 25, 2016 9:54 am

We love absolutely everything Disney: it’s a fact. And why wouldn’t we? Disney movies are perfectly warm and fuzzy and wish-fulfilling! And while we’re perfectly OK whittling away our time watching endless YouTube videos of our favorite scenes, this particular Disney mashup by YouTuber Lindsay McCutcheon is just TOO GOOD to not watch.

It’s a mashup of almost every Disney movie released since 1989, to the song Pop Culture by French musician and DJ, Madeon.

If you haven’t heard Pop Culture, it’s ALSO a mashup—using 39 samples from popular songs (give your brain a second to think about that). 

As for the Disney clips, remember all the classics, like The Little MermaidBeauty and the Beast, AladdinMulan, and then recent favorites like Frozen and Big Hero 6? Yep, they’re all in there!


Now, wasn’t that amazingly nostalgic and wonderful beyond your wildest dreams?

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One of the YouTube comments states, “my childhood in less than four minutes,” and we have to agree (not surprising that it has over a million views).

If this mashup made you want to go and engage in a long Disney binge-fest/slumber party with popcorn and best friends, that is an acceptable reaction that we support wholeheartedly.

We love you Disney, forever and always.