Sundi Rose
January 28, 2015 12:17 pm

Remember all those articles predicting Frozen fatigue? Like, how many times could we hear “Let it Go.” and braid our hair like Elsa? Sure, we may have exhausted SOME of our Frozen habits, but Disney just majorly upped the ante and sucked us back in. Here’s why: The Disney Frozen Cruise! Yes, we all have opportunity to board a ship and live the dream, people. (Plus, all-you-can-eat buffets!)

Starting this summer, the “Frozen Experience” is coming to select ships setting sail for colder climates—think Norway, Iceland (because, duh!), Scotland and Alaska. The cruise appears to be pretty standard for most of the trip, but then something crazy happens: One of the days onboard, guests will wake up to a totally transformed ship.

“Guests will awake to discover a magical freeze has overtaken the atrium lobby with sparkling icicles adorning the grand staircase, resembling the majestic mountain-top ice palace of Queen Elsa,” according to a press release for the cruise. Apparently, costumed characters will roam the ship, and there will totally be some break-out song and dance performances, because, hey, this is basically a Frozen fantasy IRL Actually, there is definitely going to be a “Let it Go” sing-a-long, according to Disney reps.

Other things happening on Frozen day?

“Anna’s Chase for the Chocolate,” scavenger hunt, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” snowman building, a traditional Scandinavian dance and hair braiding class,  and a Nordic Frozen-themed dinner.

Oh, and for grown ups? There’s “frozen specialty drinks.” Woot!