Grab your dinglehopper and settle in, because, there’s something about The Little Mermaid we’ve missed all these years. Know that dress Ariel wears to dinner in the castle with Prince Eric? Turns out, that dress is a combination of all the prior Disney princesses dresses, and we’ve been staring at it for 25 years, and never noticed.

Hidden in the IMDB trivia page for The Little Mermaid is one interesting fact that Buzzfeed recently discovered. Supposedly, Ariel’s dress has been inspired by Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora, from the color choice to the puffy sleeves. I say supposedly, because IMDB facts can be entered in by anyone, but listen, this totally checks out. Even if it’s not the real inspiration behind the dress, it’s time to believe it is because everything matches up. Here’s the dress in question:

And here’s the full trivial post reads in full:

Does it check out? Take a gander at everything described. Snow White’s puffy sleeves with the same deign; a very similar pink color and full skirt, just like Cinderella; and long, off-the-shoulder sleeves, from Aurora.

Well, my mind is sufficiently blown right now. Well done, creators behind The Little Mermaid. Thingamabobs off to you for letting this detail slip by us for over two decades.

(Images via Disney)