Erin Mayer
November 22, 2017 11:11 am
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Weren’t kids movies just better in the ’90s? So many wonderfully wacky classics came out of that era. We’re talking CasperHocus Pocus, Matilda…None of them were weirder or more magical than The Addams Family, though.

This is the movie that made us want to wear black Wednesday Addams dresses to school and electrocute our little brothers (or at least pretend to). The Addams also taught us important lessons about life, love, and the pursuit of antique torture devices to freak out our suburban neighbors with. This film has layers.

And speaking of layers, have you ever re-watched The Addams Family as an adult? That’s when the fun really begins! You start to pick up on everything you missed when you were still wearing pigtails and decapitating your dolls. It’s not exactly a subtle movie to begin with, but there are so many details that went over our heads in youth. So let’s revisit, in honor of the film’s 26-year release date anniversary, shall we?

1The sexual innuendos begin immediately…

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The movie opens onto a cuckoo clock rendition of the family home that depicts Gomez kissing Morticia…on the chest. Guess they wanted to weed out the ultra-sheepish viewership right off the bat.

2…and don’t let up.

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“Last night you were unhinged, you were like a desperate howling demon. Do it again.”

3Morticia obviously never had teen acne or else she’d wash all that makeup off before bed.

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No person who has ever experienced a breakout would fall asleep in full-contour mode. Also, think about how still you have to be for red lipstick to not budge for that long! Doesn’t this woman ever drool?

4No one in the Addams clan has a job, yet they have a basement full of literal gold doubloons.

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Where is all this money coming from?? The efforts to explain away their absurd amount of capital are weak at best.

5The kids try to kill each other a lot of times.

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Yes, we know that’s the point. But imagine what would happen if he actually went after his sister with that butcher’s knife? It would be chaos.

6Uncle Fester is Dr. Emmeitt Brown from Back to the Future.

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Watching now, it’s pretty obvious that Uncle Fester is played by the incomparable Christopher Lloyd (his voice is so distinctive), but our minds were blown when we first made the connection.

7Did we mention this movie is racier than most films geared toward adults?

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Absolutely no comment necessary.

8They love talking about death. but get scared when they have to face the actual possibility.

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The Addams family romanticizes death. That’s kinda their whole schtick. AND YET, when Morticia is actually in danger at the hands of Fester’s fake mom, they scramble to save her. Slightly hypocritical, no? What happened to “Side by side, six feet under,” huh?

9Even the product placement is topical.

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We’ll take our advertising with a side of dark wit, thank you.

10Wednesday has a Cthulhu bed frame.

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Our #1 question: Did it come that way or do they sell Cthulhu stencils at Michaels? (P.S. This GIF is actually from the sequel, but the bed is also pictured in the first movie when Fester sits by Wednesday’s bedside).

11The Addams’ are actually healthier than many other on-screen families.

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Despite their penchant for terrorizing their neighbors and almost murdering each other on the reg, the Addams family is, well…really healthy and loving? They set kind of an amazing example, if you think about it. Even when times get rough, and your Uncle Fester might be an imposter, and you can’t find the crossbow you use to harass your sibling, your family will always be there.

The Addams might be unusual, but they are there for each other through thick and thin. And that’s why we still love to watch their antics all these years later.