After battling addiction and mental health problems, Demi Lovato is celebrating 5 years of sobriety and to celebrate she’s shared an inspiring and touching message.

Part of why we love Demi Lovato is because she’s not afraid to speak out and advocate for important matters close to her heart. The star has been an active proponent in a bid to destigmatize mental illness, opening up about her own bipolar diagnosis and setting up a mental health charity, too. Lovato hasn’t shied away from talking about her experiences with self-harm, eating disorders, and substance abuse, too, and late last year she announced that she was taking an extended break out of the spotlight to focus on her health.

Well, now Demi Lovato has shared an inspiring message celebrating her fifth anniversary of becoming sober, and it’s so powerful.

In an Instagram post, Lovato opened up about her “incredible journey,and shared a picture of a 12-step program that detailed exactly how long she’s been sober for.

Earlier this month, Demi Lovato was awarded the Artistic Award of Courage for her mental health advocacy. The singer will receive the award during a ceremony on March 22nd.

Meanwhile, we’re sending Demi all our love and congratulations on celebrating her fifth year sober. We couldn’t be more proud of you, girl!