Alexandra Villarreal
February 19, 2015 2:02 pm

Thanks to Katniss Everdeen, Tris Prior, and Hermione Granger, the 21st century is already filled with BA heroines that make great fictional besties. But we’re always thrilled to see new names added to the lineup and more nuance added to our onscreen female characters. Too often, female characters are still seen as one dimensional even when they’re kicking butt. Well, not on Game of Thrones! The female protagonists are complex, compelling characters that are powerful and vulnerable — basically, they’re real women navigating their worlds with verve.

HBO released two deleted scenes from season four yesterday. In them, George R. R. Martin’s ladies are in the spotlight and more complex then ever. They mix strength with sensitivity in moments that are equally as intimate as they are cold. We only wish the scenes had aired.

The first is a convo between Shae and Bronn after Tyrion kicks Shae out. When I was a kid, a very wise person told me, “don’t ever let them see you cry.” That was horrible advice, and Shae knows it. She sobs because we all lose our cool sometimes, and that’s ok. Plus, if being betrayed by her S.O. weren’t enough, having to listen to Bronn’s bro issues would definitely push anyone over the edge.

In the second, Daenerys internalizes her pain after she finds out that Jorah Mormont was spying on her seasons ago. She’s frigid, but it’s obvious that she’s going through self-psychological warfare. Still, she’s got her trusted female friends by her side, and they’ve got her back. What more could a girl want?

Power scenes the both of them. They also bring on the upcoming excitement like nobody’s business.