Briana Hansen
Updated Sep 06, 2016 @ 3:42 pm
black widow
Credit: moviemaniacsDE/YouTube

While we understand that movies have to inevitably lose some awesome scenes in order to meet certain time restrictions, it’s sometimes shocking to find out about some really juicy moments between characters that didn’t make the final cut. When we’re lucky, those scenes are eventually made public and we can all revel in the glorious moments we didn’t originally see on the big screen.

And that’s why we are totally loving every tense moment of this awesome deleted scene from Captain America: Civil War between Black Widow and Black Panther.

The two strong and intelligent characters play a psychological tennis match, going back and forth with their small but significant tests of each other. And the result is totally enthralling to watch.

While we know quite a bit about Black Widow thanks to her appearance in several movies (despite not yet having one of her own), there’s still lots we have to learn about this version of Black Panther. But just from this short clip, we can see that he’s definitely not only politically savvy, but he can also read Black Widow pretty well despite the fact that they’ve interacted very little in the series up to this point.

Instead of answering her directly on any of her questions (and thereby possibly give away his private, personal agenda), he simply twists everything she says right back at her in a way we’ve never seen any character do before.

Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/giphy

Listen, we *love* Natasha Romanoff But it’s pretty exciting to see someone be one step ahead of the woman who is notoriously always one step ahead of everyone else. The little bit of surprise mixed with a smile on her face at the end of this clip makes us think that she’s just as impressed with T’Challa as the rest of us.

We’re looking forward to seeing the Black Panther movie even more now. And, based on this loaded interaction alone, we hope there’s a budding partnership between these two because they’re certainly awesome to watch in action.