Kit Steinkellner
Updated Apr 04, 2015 @ 11:21 am

We are living in a golden era in which so many of the beloved shows of our youth are expected to make a triumphant return! “Full House!” “The Muppet Show!”And of course, the show that haunted our dreams all through the 90s, “The X-Files.”

David Duchovny has been making the press rounds, talking up this summer’s return to all things “highly unlikely, but not outside the realm of extreme possibility.” Here’s what we’ve learned so far about Mulder, Scully, and the brand new six-episode season of The X-Files.

Duchovny has ALWAYS been down to do more X-Files

“I’ve always wanted to – we always wanted to keep it going,” he told US Weekly. “We envisioned kind of a movie franchise when we stopped the TV show and we did two. The second one did well but I guess not well enough to do a third…

I would have never done another 22 episodes of X-Files, but you know, we’re going to do six. So it became like, ‘Oh, that’s like continuing the show in a way that we all can do at this point in our lives.'”

The way to get our fave shows back on the air is ask for a reasonable # of eps

“Six to me sounds very doable at any walk of my life,” Duchovny also told US Weekly. “It’s not a great hardship in terms of time. So I would hope it would be successful, I would hope we could do two, but right now, we’re just looking at it as these six and we’ll see what happens.'”

On the trend of long-dead TV shows coming back from the grave

“I don’t know how I feel about this trend, but I feel that ‘The X-Files’ never really went away,” Duchovny told Variety. “It was always like people kept on talking about it.”

“I feel like so many shows have come out of ‘The X-Files.’ So much of not only TV, but film, has taken a turn into science fiction and superheroes. ‘Twilight,’ to me, comes out of ‘The X-Files.’ So I figured, why not us?”

So Mulder and Scully are back, for sure, which other fan-favorites will make an appearance in these new X-Files?

“Mitch Pileggi [FBI assistant director Walter Skinner] will come back,” Duchovny told David Letterman in a recent interview, ” plus ‘the Cigarette-Smoking Man’ — if this means anything to anyone — will be coming back.”

So were Mulder and Scully ever together in real life?

There were RUMORS that Duchovny and co-star Gillian Anderson had a thing on set. When asked if he and Anderson had stayed in touch, Duchovny teased to US Weekly “Oh yeah, we live together!” Don’t joke, David, don’t joke, you’re breaking Mulder-Scully-shipping hearts everywhere.

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