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Updated Apr 30, 2015 @ 1:37 pm
Aquarius Cast Photo

NBC is pulling a Netflix and releasing every episode of one of their newest shows all at once. Hey! We’re not complaining! The show is David Duchovny’s new ’60’s crime thriller, and you betcha we’ll be watching it all in one sitting.

The show is called Aquarius and it’s all about a cop who goes undercover to track Charles Manson and family, before that very-famous murder spree. The first episode of Aquarius will premiere May 28th on NBC, and following that two-hour event, every other episode will go live on NBC.com, the NBC app, and video-on-demand.

“We are fully aware how audiences want to consume multiple episodes of new television series faster and at their own discretion,” NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt explains. “We’re excited to offer our viewers this same experience since all 13 episodes of this unique show have been produced and are ready to be seen.” That’s great news for us, because this series sounds totally binge-worthy. Let’s talk about why.

I mean, David Duchovny.

We loved him on the X-Files, we will always love him on the X-Files, and now he’s going to play a different kind of detective. We’re SO on board for it.

We’re big fans of the people behind the show.

The series was created by John McNamara who also worked on USA’s In Plain Sight, the sadly-canceled Jericho, and Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Yes to all of those. The series also includes writers who have previously worked on Supernatural, Bates Motel, and Desperate Housewives. So we can rest assured that these guys know how to manage their twists, turns, and drama.

It’s got a ’60s True Detective vibe

The official premise for the show reads, “Sam Hodiak, [is] a decorated WWII vet and homicide detective investigating the disappearance of Emma, the 16-year-old daughter of an old girlfriend. He enlists the help of Brian Shafe, a young, idealistic undercover vice cop, to bring Emma home.” Buuuuuuut as they start looking into this disappearance, they start uncovering a lot of freaky things. Remember how hard it was to watch True Detective week-to-week and try to remember what happened the week before? As twists and turns unfold on Aquarius, we won’t have to worry about that seven-day gap where we forget everything.

Below is a photograph of David Duchovny looking stern:

Also, real-life events.

While it’s not really a big selling point to say something “involves Charles Manson,” that’s the backdrop for Aquarius. Eventually, the case Duchovny’s Hodiak is looking into leads him to the head of the Manson family who carried out multiple murders in California during the ’60s. Sounds like Aquarius will have some ripped-from-the-headlines plot lines.

If we binge it, maybe NBC will do it again.

This really is a first for a network that’s not cable or Netflix. No network has ever decided to drop its entire series online instead of airing it episode-by-episode — and I’m not talking about how ABC put Selfie online after it was canceled. NBC clearly recognizes that binging is the new thing, and if we binge it, maybe more shows will be binge-able. Wouldn’t it be easier to watch every episode of The Blacklist in one sitting? Can you even IMAGINE a How To Get Away With Murder binge?

Tune in to Aquarius when it premiers Thursday, May 28, and then keep on watching it well into Friday morning.

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