Kit Steinkellner
Updated Apr 19, 2015 @ 12:30 pm

Remember when we told you guys that David and Victoria Beckham’s teen son Brookyln was going to be your next model crush? Well, it looks like we were right, because Brooklyn just took to Instagram to announce that he’s hit one million followers. Which is a REALLY impressive achievement for a normal person.However, Brooklyn is a Beckham, and as his dad hilariously reminds him, one million followers is NOTHING in that household.

As USA Today reports, after Brooklyn announces his one million follower news, his dad, former soccer player and forever dreamboat David Beckham cheekily pops into frame to remind us all that he has FIFTY TWO million followers. David Beckham isn’t actually ON Instagram, but on Facebook, his page has a little over fifty million likes, so we’re not sure exactly where he got that fifty two from. In any even, David Beckham has a LOT of followers. Brooklyn was a good sport about his dad video-bombing him on Insta and hashtagged the post #ismydadcoolerthanme.

Brooklyn, you’re a Beckham, trust us, you guys are ALL pretty goshdarned cool.

Check out the father-son comedy bit below: