David Beckham just shared the secret to his successful marriage, and we’re swooning for both of them

As if we really needed another reason to love him, David Beckham opened up about life with Victoria Beckham during a recent interview with BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, revealing rare, intimate details on their 20-year relationship.

Starting at the beginning, Beckham admitted that back in ’97, Victoria’s manager didn’t want the Spice Girl’s relationship with the soccer icon out in public — so they parked in his BMW like teenagers and made out instead of, say, going to movies or restaurants.

“We used to just sit in the carpark and talk,” David revealed of the couple’s early days. “We used to kiss, of course, and just spend time together.”

After the couple married in ’99 — in famous matching purple outfits that Beckham now admits were a little over the top, saying “I even had a top hat in purple; what was I thinking? I look like the guys out of Dumb and Dumber” — they created their beautiful family, which now includes 17-year-old Brooklyn, 14-year-old Romeo, 11-year-old Cruz, and 5-year-old Harper.

And while they’ve definitely faced their fair share of obstacles, most famously allegations of infidelity on David’s part, he’s quick to slam any accusation of a Beckham “brand” influencing his marriage’s longevity.

“Do we stay together because it is a brand? Of course not,” he said.

"We stay together because we love each other and because we have four amazing children."

He did acknowledge that there have been bumps on the road, though, crediting “strong parents” who “taught us the right values” in getting past them.

“Of course you make mistakes and we all know that marriage is difficult at times,” David continued. “We have come up against tough times. But we know each other better than anyone else knows us. And we talk.”

Kudos to the Beckhams for making marriage, something that’s difficult for both celebrities and normal humans alike, work for so long — but most of all, for being honest about the fact that being “perfect” is impossible, and that long-term relationships take a whole lot of work.

And kudos to David for finally admitting that their wedding, which in addition to the purple outfits, also featured the couple sitting on red velvet thrones in a Dublin castle all night, was just a little bit over the top.

“It was the thing to do around that time,” he said with a laugh. “We have renewed our vows since that time. It was a lot more private with only six people.”

Sounds like a dream.

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