Karen Belz
April 06, 2016 3:52 pm

When you envision young adult books of the ’80s, you probably imagine light, almost humorously dramatic drawings of your ultimate favorite characters. And, well, they made sense at the time. These covers helped us visualize the characters the same way the author did, and helped identify the story ahead. While Baby-Sitters Club Vice President Claudia Kishi’s outfits were detailed through text (maybe a little too detailed at times) the book covers made it all come to life. But while we can appreciate these covers for what they were, we can now start to appreciate them on a brand new level.

Paperback Paradise decided to rebrand the old classics and made them a tad more hilarious. This Twitter account, with currently has 29k followers, renames the books that we know and love based on what they should have been called due to their cover art— and we seriously can’t get enough.

For example, this brand new title makes us think a little differently about the Sweet Valley Twins.

Just slightly better than the original title, “Claim To Fame,” am I right?

This “Choice Adventures” book, similar to the “Choose Your Own Adventure” series, would be a must-read with this brand new title.

And sadly, this Michelle Tanner book is probably re-titled in an accurate way.

Those of you who have dabbled in online dating might have found yourself in this situation before.

And this one, which is hilarious enough on its own (I mean, what’s that grandpa doing?) gets a bit political.

This is the perfect look if you find yourself in a similar rough situation. Although, can you blame him? Cool Ranch Doritos are amazing.

 I’m guessing this one is all about a fabulous horse salon, which yes, I’d definitely want to read more about.

And, this one is absolutely perfect. Of course the girls at Sweet Valley High would be absolutely aghast over social media etiquette.

Paperback Paradise, please never stop doing what you’re doing.  We can’t wait to see what book covers get featured next!