Sammy Nickalls
March 10, 2015 12:37 pm

We’re only a few months into 2015, and it’s already proving to be an excellent year in terms of Netflix gems. Today, Marvel released the official trailer for its new series, Daredevil.

And it looks pretty darn badass, if you ask us.

Here’s the gist: Matt Murdock is a lawyer by day, but a BAMF crime-fighter on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen in New York by night, due to his heightened senses after being blinded as a child. Developed by Drew Goddard, the show looks darkly promising. It’s also the very first in a series of four shows that will prepare us for a Defenders crossover miniseries. Got that? No? Here’s how Variety explains this high-concept series bundle. “Daredevil is the best-known of Marvel’s street-level heroes. Netflix, under its deal with Disney, also has three other live-action adventure series in the works: A.K.A. Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage. All four series will lead up to the teaming of the main characters in Marvel’s The Defenders, delving into the backstory of how Matt Murdock evolves into Daredevil.” Whew.

OK, now back to the Daredevil trailer, which exploded onto the Internet today. Here’s what we learned in the 2 minutes and 18 seconds of pure adrenaline.

1. The series is going to be ultra dark. . .

The trailer opens up with a declaration from the nemesis of the series, Kingpin: “I used to dream what it would be like far away from Hell’s Kitchen. But the city, it’s in my blood. And I would do anything to make it a better place.” It’s clear that Kingpin’s devotion isn’t exactly benevolent, and it totally sent chills down our spines.

2. . . .but loaded with inside Marvel jokes.

My fave Marvel movie ever is Ironman, mostly because of Tony Stark’s dry humor. Based on the end of the trailer, it looks like there will be at least a bit of that to offset the dark plot—The Kingpin’s number two, Wesley Owen Welch, closes the trailer by saying to some injured henchmen, “Maybe if he had an iron suit or magic hammer, that would explain why you keep getting your asses handed to you.” Teehee.

3. ‘Daredevil’ will not only concentrate on the “present day,” but also offer a glimpse at Murdock’s past. 

How did Murdock become the vigilante hero he is today? The trailer hints at giving us that backstory when it shows a young, sunglassed Murdock for a couple seconds, overlain with a young boy’s voice: “I hear things.” The trailer then shows an elderly man, telling the young Murdock that he will train him (to be an awesome crimefighter, obvs).

4. The show is jam-packed with talent. 

Charlie Cox, of Boardwalk Empire and the pilot episode (!) of Downton Abbey, plays our main man. Vincent D’Onofrio, of every move and TV show we’ve ever seen, plays Wilson Fisk and the brill Rosario Dawson, takes on the role of Claire Temple. So basically, the show is chock full of legit acting cred, even if it is an action-packed superhero series.

5. The full series will be available on Netflix exactly one month from today.

That’s right: the entire series, April 10th. We’ll totally be bingeing, House-of-Cards-style.

Watch the trailer for yourself here: