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ICYMI, Daniel Radcliffe’s been ~busy~ starring in a bunch of non-Harry Potter-esque movies.

There’s Imperium, for instance, where he plays an undercover cop posing as a neo-Nazi. And then there’s Swiss Army Man, where he plays a corpse, Manny, that Hank (Paul Dano) pulled out of the sea to come live with him on an island.

Here he is as Manny.

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Yep, these def don’t sound (or look) like Harry Potter to us.

Now, Radcliffe opens up about the worst part of being a child star — and it’s not what we thought.

After all, Radcliffe was only 11 (11!) when he did his first film, reported The Independent. (So young!) Now, he’s 27 and has learned a lot along the way.

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So well-said, Radcliffe, and we can’t wait to see what you do next, onscreen and off.