January 03, 2015 7:00 am

Go Harlan, go! This little dude was having fun at his uncles wedding, far from the dance floor. Speaking as a former kid that has been to many a wedding, I know after a few Shirley Temples and a lapse in supervision, you get a little crazy. Watch as Harlan re-invents “The Worm” and has a blast all by himself. The video was also uploaded with a message for those concerned about this little dudes behavior. From Ronnie Blackburn:

 For those who have expressed concern, I assure you that Harlan is neither epileptic nor autistic; he is just a fun-loving, energetic kid with a cute dance. I think he may have been trying to impress some girls at the wedding, although I’m not sure if he picked the best dance for the job! 😉

Your wedding dance has impressed the Interewebs, Harlan! 200k views don’t lie:

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