By now we’ve all heard that Justin “pulled a Beyonce” with his newly released album, Purpose. Granted, Justin had a November 13 release date in place for some time but, like Beyoncé, the Biebs released a visual concept album to accompany.

With the help from friend and dancer Parris Goebel, Justin created the visual album PURPOSE: The Movement. The album includes 13 mesmerizing, dance-heavy videos that incorporate concepts from the songs. Unlike Beyoncé, though, the visual component of his album does not include preexisting music videos like “What Do You Mean.” In fact, most of the videos don’t even include Justin (save for “Mark My Words” and “Purpose,” which bookend the project).

But these just aren’t just a random succession of gratuitous dance videos; the album is about, well, purpose. According to Justin’s monologue in the album’s opener “Mark My Words,” the album is a testament to his reclaimed purpose. The visual album previously premiered at the Staples Center as a short film on the eve of his album release.

Check out all 13 videos in their mesmeric glory, below. It’s kind of like Netflix, but with short Hulu ads and Justin Bieber.

Mark My Words

I’ll Show You

What Do You Mean?


Love Yourself feat. Ed Sheeran


No Pressure feat. Big Sean

No Sense feat. Travis Scott

The Feeling feat. Halsey

Life Is Worth Living

Where Are Ü Now feat. Skrillex and Diplo