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Out of all the iconic characters in Mean Girls, it’s reaaaalllly hard to pick a favorite. From Amber “I made out with a hot dog one time” D’Alessio to the elusive Glen Coco (“You go, Glen Coco!”), there are just way too many wonderful North Shore High School students to pick from. However, one of our favorites has seriously got to be one of the kids who, well, didn’t even GO to North Shore High…


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Let’s just take a moment to re-appreciate her iconic speech during the trust fall montage:

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And her unforgettable response to Mrs. Norbury (Tina Fey) when she asked if she really did even go there? “No, I just have a lot of feelings.”

Oh, crying girl, we love you forever.

While we all remember her beautiful moment in the gymnasium spotlight, it’s been a while since we checked in with Jill Morrison, the talented actor who played her IRL, and FYI she’s a stunning redhead now!

Here’s Jill looking fierce AF with the perfect red lipstick shade!

And we’re seriously loving these glasses, too.

The gorgeous auburn curls!

Here’s Jill rockin’ the heck out of a beautiful emerald green satin gown!

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Jill has actually had a busy acting career since Mean Girls having roles in shows like The Returned, iZombie, and the Canadian show Package Deal.

Here’s Jill getting in on some ~action~ on Package Deal.

Jill certainly has come a long from from wanting to make cakes filled with rainbows and smiles to just giving us all around smiles.

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