Elizabeth Entenman
May 16, 2016 7:32 am
Columbia Pictures

It’s only May, but the fall TV lineup has already experienced a serious shakeup. Some of our favorite shows have been given the axe (RIP The Grinder and Grandfathered), which freed up some spots for new projects. But one show noticeably missing from the fall TV calendar? The Cruel Intentions remake.

We’ve been waiting for the reboot for over a year now and watching cast members like Sarah Michelle Gellar herself share news about it on Instagram. So it was a devastating blow to learn that this much-desired remake might not go to air after all. But there’s still hope — according to NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt, it’s down, but not out.

“We’re still discussing it,” he told Eonline. “There’s just so many shows that we have scheduled or ordered.”

Still, if Cruel Intentions wants to survive, it has steep competition. Greenblatt also said the network has an “embarrassment of riches” with its upcoming fall shows and that the reboot is “a bit of an outlier for us because there’s no other show quite like it in our list of genres.”

If NBC ultimately passes, there’s always hope that Cruel Intentions could find a home at Netflix and Hulu. NBC executives, if you can read this, we really want this to happen, and we promise there’s a captive audience that will love it!

“We like it and we’re still discussing it and trying to figure it out,” Greenblatt said. We’re crossing our fingers!