There are a million and one websites that can give you a free credit score report, but none that can tell you if your relationship will last…but there is something else. Maybe even better.


If you want to determine whether your S.O.’s romance will stand the test of time (admit it, you’ve thought about it at least once, right) there is now actual, scientific, data that can help you.

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That’s right. In a recent report from the Federal Reserve Board, the Brookings Institution, and UCLA, the better you and your partner’s credit scores are, the more likely your relationship is to last.

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The report, entitled “Credit Scores and Committed Relationships,” took a look at data from 49,363 couples and found that each 105-point bump in an individual’s credit score made them 32% less likely to break up with their partner in the six years after “time of household formation” (or, basically, when they got together).

Arlene Goldman, PhD., a licensed psychologist and sex therapist, told Women’s Health, “People with higher credit scores tend to be more responsible to begin with.” She continued, “When deciding to marry or divorce someone, they may be more thoughtful and think about long-term effects.”

We can’t necessarily argue with that!

Goldman also said, “If one person is a spendthrift and the other is a saver, there will be clashes along the way.”

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Money and finances are issues that often come up in relationships, and credit scores are certainly an extension of that. So, while it may seem very random that something as boring as a credit score could predict how your relationship turns out, it certainly makes sense that there is the potential for it to be a factor.