Stephanie Hallett
Updated Mar 28, 2017 @ 11:40 am

Cat enthusiasts, rejoice. There’s a new magazine in town for fashion-loving cat ladies, and it just jumped to the top of of our must-subscribe list. PUSS PUSS — yes, that’s really its name — just released its fifth issue, featuring Vogue creative director Grace Coddington as one of four different cover models, and it effortlessly blends the worlds of fashion, art, culture, and kitty-worship.

Dismantling the stereotype of the “crazy cat lady” by normalizing cat fandom and ownership, the totally one-of-a-kind magazine uses felines and their owners as a starting point to explore innovative art and inspire creative photo shoots.

She added, “It’s easy to find cat lovers — you just need to look at their Instagram. If you have a cat, it will definitely feature heavily on your feed!”

Credit: Puss Puss

To give you a sense of the breadth and depth of the magazine’s coverage — and the broad interpretation of its ~feline~ inspiration — look no further than its latest issue. It includes a photo shoot by Ren Hang, a Chinese photographer known for shooting provocative nudes who died tragically in February at age 29, featuring nude women in tanks with fish, called “Pussy Loves Fish” — get it? Of course you do.

Because Hang was never able to see the finished version of the magazine, the PUSS PUSS editorial team dedicated the issue to him, a very moving gesture.

Joudina-Robinson told Dazed that PUSS PUSS is “looking to expand our subject matter, and with a name like PUSS PUSS, we’d love to do a ‘Pussy Power’ issue about strong women, or a ‘Sex Issue’ is another obvious one.” We’ll be waiting anxiously by our mailboxes!